There is plenty of great support out there for New Thought Minstries but it seems that New Thought Spiritual Leaders are only now beginning to learn the importance of sharing their sources of support.

For the past 10 years there has been a great program for ministers to learn and grow. The Conscious Ministry program by ServingNewThought provides ministers with training and continuing education so that spiritual leaders can stay abreast of important developments and enhance their compassion quotient.

The Prosperity Program provides high quality hosting to any New Thought Ministry in the world. This program provides hosting, high quality web designs, and training on a tithing and donation basis. Because we are a non-profit ministry, we do not send bills. We rely on financial gifts, contributions, tithes and donations to maintain the resources that support New Thought Seekers and Sharers on their Spiritual Journeys. If you are paying a private company for your hosting, they will cut you off if you fail to pay your hosting fees. We don't do that. Since we are your support ministry, we will support you through good times and when you have challenges. We believe in you and you message! Serving New Thought works on an honours system. We don't send bills!

For Ministries that need a web or need to replace an ugly or outdated web, we provide them with high quality designs. We want you to outwardly reflect the inner wonder and beautythat will be found inside your centre/church.Your Spirituals Centres expression of these teachings, be it in class form or sunday talks, your Ministries online presence is going to attract more people to your Ministry and making sure that your online outreach is successful.

We also provide high quality training to centers around the world. Our senior minister has flown to numerous countries to insure that New Thought ministers, practitioners and teachers are getting the support they need to thrive. Do you know a minister in another country that needs help? Have them contact Serving New Thought and we will support their success.

Would you like to sponsor a minister in another country? Call us and we will facilitate the process.

Some ministers want to place their talks online so they can increase their audience and outreach throughout the world. ServingNewThought provides technical knowledge to these ministers so they can do this easily. Many ministers have told us: "I wish I had come to you first, I spent $200 dollars an hour on consultants who told me the same information that you just gave me for free."

In addition to providing consulting services, we also provide a lot of other services including tape digitizing services. We have a machine that converts old cassette tapes to mp3's. if you have old tapes lying around your center, toss them in a box, mail them to us and we will digitize them and email the mp3's back. These digitized files can be placed on the web. In the age of the mp3 player, a minister can build a large audience with an archive of talks. This means touching a wider circle of hearts and minds.

This work is made possible by your tithes and donations.