We are happy to report that more and more mahasattvas "great souls" are helping us in our work of bringing New Thought to your fingertips.

If you would like to join our team give us a call. We welcome wonderful companions and every person has something to offer.

Often the difference between happiness and depression is being of service to others. Studies have revealed that working to help others is instrumental in enhancing positive feelings. How hard it is to be selfish and uncaring. How much more fun it is to be generous and loving.

For ministries that need a web or need to replace an ugly or outdated web, we provide them with high quality designs and training. Around the globe we have people who have joined us to train ministers and teachers insuring they reach more people with these wonderful teachings. That can be you!

We also provide high quality training to centers around the world. Our senior minister has flown to numerous countries to insure that New Thought ministers, practitioners and teachers are getting the support they need to thrive. Do you know a minister in another country that needs help? Have them contact Serving New Thought and we will support their success.

Would you like to sponsor a minister in another country? Call us and we will facilitate the process.

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This work is made possible by your tithes and donations.