NewThoughtLibrary is one of the most delighful resources for New Thought seekers and shares in the world.

We bring you an ever expanding Library of New Thought classics using an open source model so there is no membership, other than if a person wishes to become a patron. There are no tracking cookies or any other form of corporate intrusion.

Our Library model stands in huge contrast to other libraries which require you to give them your email and use cookies to track your movements and often provide you with downloads that are locked and can't be easily used for study or research.

Join us today in our effort to bring New Thought to the fingertips of all people in the world for free.

We use a tithing and donation model for our library and as more texts and downloads are added, you can simply surf the site, grab them and be on your way.

We believe that together we are actively creating a better world in which the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are a reality for all people on this planet.

What distinguishes from other libraries or archives of New Thought?

All the texts and downloads we provide are free and we strive to give you a growing variety of high quality formats. There are people on the web who grab old New Thought books and present them, but these people do not present the books for free, and if they do, the formats are often of low quality. We are increasing the number of downloads and adding free audio downloads so that blind people can access New Thought. Of course people on the go will be able to download these MP3's as well and listen to them as they drive.

When you support New Thought Library, you can see your gifts in action. Whether you send financial contributions or contribute time and energy. You can see the results outpictures in the library.

Some wonderful people like Dale Lamb have bought books and sent them to us to insure that they are placed in the library. Why did Dale spend $100 to buy Troward's Comments On The Psalms and send it to us? Because we scanned it, processed it and placed it in the library and it is now there for you to access for free. Click on the link and check it out!

We believe that during this time of change and tranformation in the world, it is essential that these public domain works are universally accessible by the public in an easy to read and use non-profit library.
To get the library started, we had to spend thousands of dollars to buy books.

Fortunately, today, more and more New Thought Sharers are seeing the wisdom of our efforts and scanning their old books and magazines then sending us these scans.
When you work with us, we insure that these books become a public resource for free forever for everyone!

Our work stands in stark contrast to online corporations which process public domain texts into pdf's, then sell them to you. Texts in New Thought Library are free forever!

Talk to ministers around the world who use the resources we provide for them. An increasing number of New Thought Sharers are using the library to teach their classes.
We sometimes get asked:
"Are you creating a physical archive of New Thought Books?

The answer is no!

There are already physical archives and collections of New Thought books in the world. We believe these have their purposes but our goal is different from theirs. We are not interested in putting books in boxes or in temperature controlled environments. Our purpose is to provide the public of the world with universal DIGITAL access to all public domain New Thought texts for free forever!
What do you do with books, when you are done with them?

For a period of time, we retain the books to check for accuracy of processing in response to error checking by New Thought Practitioners around the world. After this time is up, we work with physical archives/libraries around which have provided us with a spreadsheet of the books they have in their collection. If we have a book that they do not have, then we send them the book to archive. We have no plans on creating a physical archive ourselves. We support the archives which support us. If an archive invites us to digitize their collection, we will arrange to do so and we credit them for these books they have provided. If the archives already have copies of the books, we will usually sell them to buy more books for processing.