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The FindACenter directory is an open source directory. The listings are kept current through the participation of thousands of people around the world who are part of the New Thought movement. It is kept secure as possible via the New Thought News update process. The directory is a compilation of public information which is actively maintained through your participation. Centers can exert influence over their respective listing through contribution and participation. Centers are given this opportunity when they participate in an Update Orientation Session (UOS) to verify newly submitted information. All listings are subject to the Terms of Service.

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Serving the Seeker
Before the creation of, New Thought Seeker did not have a good news source which provides a comprehensive directory and more concerning New Thought around the world. Seekers were forced to find, then search through seven or more different New Thought denominational directories to find the New Thought Center or Church nearest his/her home. Even if she could find and search all the denominations directories, some of the strongest New Thought communities are independent. These were left out in the cold as the large denominations naturally do not give listings to centers that are not paying their membership fee. This often led to frustration on the part New Thought seekers who might have had a New Thought Center right around the corner, but were unable to find it. Today there are still several New Thought Mags put out by denominations and organizations. We list them for your convenience and we are working tirelessly to bring DivineMirror, our earlier New Thought News production back online. Presently the most wonderful news can give you is that New Thought is growing and Find A Center is the most comprehensive and with your help, the most up to date directory of New Thought Centers around the globe.

New Thought News is powered by Serving New Thought which is independent, non-denominational and dedicated to all the individuals and groups of the New Thought Movement.

What is required to be listed in the Directory?

The directory was created to meet a universal need for a comprehensive New Thought Directory with a dynamic solution. The solution is an open source directory which acts as a universal directory for New Thought untainted by any Spiritual Politics or membership fees. Members Any New Thought Spiritual Community, Church, Center, or Study Group may be listed in the directory as long as that group teaches or shares New Thought and is in congruence with the Universal Declaration of Principles as articulated in January 2000 by the International New Thought Alliance (NTA), which is the oldest non-denominational New Thought Membership Organization that we are aware of. Since the humble beginning of the directory in 1992, it has grown to include most if not all New Thought Churches, Centers and Study Groups around the world. This is because the directory is an Open Source Directory meaning it is a compilation of public information enhanced through ongoing participation. Although submission and updates may be sent in by anyone, respective centers can elect to participate and thereby influence their listings. If a center demonstrates Prosperity Consciouness by supporting this resource and the other resources such as with tithes and donations, then they accrue significant advantages for their center via the listing and more. When people around the world are seeking a New Thought Center, Church or Study Group, they come to this directory because we do not participate in Spiritual Politics, this means that we list all New Thought communities regardless of their affiliation or membership. We do not delist communities at the behest of any individual or for any reason other than said communities are no longer New Thought Communities and no longer teaching or believing in New Thought. Whether you are a small group or a member church of a large denomination, you are treated equally. The only requirement is that your group is a New Thought community rooted in the aformentioned Universal Principles. There is no fee to be in the directory, however

Centers that wish to express a prosperity consciousness tithe / donate.The suggested minimum annual tithe maybe reviewed by going to Prosperous centers usually send at least $1 ranging up to $5 a day. Tithes can be sent to: Serving New Thought, 1512 Deborah Road SE #131, Rio Rancho, NM 87124 USA Tithes and donations support this resource and other free resources that support your center and all New Thought Communities, Seekers and Sharers. You can read about some of these resources at Supporters of these resources are recognized as prosperity ministries which entitles them to have their links activated and more.