New Thought News was pioneered by Annie Rix Militz over 100 years ago with her magazine Mastermind

In 1992, we began a Universal Directory which at first was simply done through compuserve and later grew to be an essential information source for New Thought Seekers around the world.

We chose an open source model for the directory as it fit with our belief that New Thought is the most important Spriritual Path of Today.

We created in 2002, then the following year we began using as a mirror of that site. DivineMirror was quite popular for a while but we decided to take it down and retool it so that it could be more responsive to the changing situations in New Thought News around the globe.

Of course, we got really busy as so many people loved our open source model of and so we began to focus on news about centers locations and small tidbits about this or that through

Today, we are working with people around the world to insure that you can get information about the New Thought Movement in all forms. We briefly pioneered an online New Thought Radio station called but have put that on the back burner for the moment too.

We believe in you. We believe that the most important thing that we can do is share the Good News of New Thought and insure that Seekers can find Sharers and Sharers can communicate their message to seekers around the world and in their local communities.

ServingNewThought, the wonderful ministry behind New Thought News and all the resources that are providing you will information about New Thought is peopled by ministers, practitioners and teachers of New Thought around the globe.

Early on we discovered that there is not a lot of good communication between New Thought ministries in the United States and outside of the states with the exception of Canada. We get reports from ministers around the globe and sometimes they feel dismayed. We have chosen to take a proactive stance to help any and all New Thought ministries around the globe.

Not only do we provide New Thought News in the form of directories and information on training and education programs in New Thought, Serving New Thought provides ways for Sharers to share their wisdom and provides seekers with more choices.